Program Information 

Are you artistic? Love tattoos?

Cree8iv Ink now offers a Tattoo Program. The purpose of this program is to provide entry-level instruction on safety and the basics. It does not guarantee you a career in tattooing; it takes passion, dedication and years of practice to hone skill and confidence.

Tattooing is not a recognized skill or trade in Alberta or Canada at this time, so this is not to be considered an “apprenticeship”.

covid-19 and alberta college of body art

What are we doing to keep our staff and students safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In the past we have implemented over the phone interviews, at home BSA Testing and even an online Application form. Now more than ever, it has come in handy for ensuring that those who inquire, apply and are continuing through our process, can do so safely from their home.

When it comes to our in-class procedures, due to our 6 student max capacity, we are able to space students out to abide by our 6 foot social distancing guideline when/where it is necessary. If students are ill we encourage that they stay home until we know whether or not it is safe they return. We provide disposable masks if our students don’t have any and we require hand washing/sanitizing upon entering and exiting our facility.

For our live skin portion of the program, all models are encouraged to stay home if they are feeling ill. All models must arrive to their appointment alone in keeping with the limited amount of people we have inside our facility. Masks, hand washing/sanitizer are required prior to the appointment as well as afterwards.

We have always strived to keep our facility clean in keeping with the standards of AHS, and just like every other school/business, we have been required to implement these new restrictions and guidelines in order to further maintain the safety of our staff and students during this time.

Course Details

This is a 24-week (750 hour) Structured Program, class times are Monday to Friday. Class times vary from 8am to 12pm, 12 to 4pm, and 6pm to 10pm. Saturdays can be utilized for any missed classes to catch up, graduation events, and public student tattoo days. Holidays may extend course dates (hours provided will not be affected), please refer to your enrolment confirmation email.

Training will be provided in a classroom using a computer, visual aids, and other learning materials. The lab setting is composed of tattoo tables, trolleys and a stainless-steel hand sink as required by AHS. Here, students will practice on synthetic “skin”, and move on to live volunteer models when the desired level of competency is reached.

COURSE SUBJECTS INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

  1. History, composition and styles
    • Where tattoos came from and the Cultural Progression of them, statistics, and what a tattoo is, and the different styles tattoos come in.
  2. Infection Control
    • Review of Alberta Health Services Tattoo & Piercing Guidelines
  3. Profession and Industry information
    • Portfolio and marketing, and social media
    • Art class (perspective, highlights, and shadow review)
    • Etc.
  4. Bloodborne Pathogens training
    • To educate students to minimize their exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens that are apparent in the industry
  5. St. John Ambulance training
    • To give students a basic understanding of life-saving skills to help preserve the health and safety of others in the workplace
  6. Synthetic practice
    • To give students an idea of what live skin tattooing will be like on manufactured material first
  7. Live skin practice
    • Models will help students prepare for the real world in tattooing; what to expect in a shop setting, how to handle customers, client care and follow-ups, etc.
Required Items required to book Interview
  • A copy of Official High School Diploma or GED if indicated as achieved on the application form. If a copy cannot be provided, the BSA Exam is required.*
  • If English is not Primary: proof of English Skills for ESL: 15+/30, IELTS 4.5+, TOEFL iBT 40+, current within 3 months. ***This is the Applicants responsibility to provide. Failure to provide will result in an automatic admission denial.
  • Government-issued Photo ID
  • Birth Certificate OR Social Insurance Card/Number
  • Paid application fee
  • Artwork copy submitted with application

*Emailed copies are acceptable for the purpose of determining eligibility; physical copies will be required for the first day of class. Students will not be permitted to continue with the course until acceptable physical copies are produced.  

Required Items for First Day
  • Original signed Enrollment Contract Copies
  • Original signed Accommodations Contract Copy, If applicable
  • 4-digit pin for Accommodations, if applicable (Extra bedding if you prefer more).
  • Indoor shoes
  • Physical copies of Diploma/GED, TOEFL score, 2 pieces of Identification – one with photo, hand drawn artwork copy

***Full Tuition and All Fees are due in full before the first day of the program. Students who have not remitted payment OR have a Student Aid approval, are not eligible to proceed until that has been forwarded.***

Program Costs
Application Fee $100
Enrollment Deposit $250
Mandatory Professional Fees $1,410
Books and Supply Fees $2,090
Tuition (Semester 1) $8,500
Tuition (Semester 2) $8,500

TATTOO KIT OPTIONS (Not a Mandatory Cost)

Deluxe Tattoo Kit $2,500
Coil Machine Set up Kit $750
Coil Necessities Kit $1,250
Rotary Machine Set up Kit $455
Rotary Necessities Kit $955



– Application Fee needs to be paid along with submitting the Online Application, in order for it to be put under review;

– Enrollment Fee needs to be paid on the Monday, 2 weeks before the start of class by 6pm;

–  Professional Fees needs to be paid on the Monday, 1 week before the start of class by 6pm;

– Tuition must be paid on the Monday, 1 week before the start of class otherwise student will need to apply for the next available course date.

(Fees must be paid at the pre-determined times during the admission process) 


Funding Options

Alberta Student Aid

Cree8iv Ink Training Ltd. is a post-secondary institution. The Tattoo Program is licensed for student loans from Canada/Alberta Student Aid. Students are ensouraged to start this process as soon as possible, as it can take up to 8 weeks to process.

Watch ‘How to Apply for Student Aid’ –  Here

Other funding sources include:

*** Students are responsible for all loan repayments regardless if the program is completed. ***

Additional Payment Options:

  • Debit or Credit (on-site)
  • Cash (Application/Registration Fees Only)
  • Email money transfer
  • Money Order or Bank Draft, or Sponsor Business cheque (no postdates)